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L-605A เครื่องล้างและทดสอบหัวฉีดเบนซิน LAUNCH

SKU : L-605A Cleaning Machine CNC-605A High Pressure


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L-605A เครื่องล้างและทดสอบหัวฉีดเบนซิน LAUNCH


Adopting the powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology, the equipment offers complete cleaning to the


It offers stable testing pressure and large adjustable range controlled through microcomputer.

With the help of microcomputer control and LCD display, the equipment makes possible automatic

cleaning, testing injectors and real-time monitoring of the dynamic values.

Automatic fuel draining through preset programs for some test items.

Adopting humanization design can make the system pressure fast restored to the default values.

LCD display to show the operation details.

Touch button.


Working conditions:

Temperature: -10~+40C Relative humidity: <85%

Intensity of outer magnetic field: <400A/m

No naked flame within 2m.


Main unit power supply:

Ultrasonic cleaner power: 60W

Fuel pressure: 0.1-10bar

Air inlet: 5-8bar


AC220V~50/60Hz AC110V~60Hz

Visitors: 232,360