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เครื่องเชื่อมสปอร์ต อลูมิเนียม SG-YM6



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เครื่องเชื่อมสปอร์ต อลูมิเนียม SG-YM6

Aluminum spot welding SG-YM6

Functions And Features :

1,The microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Using advanced digital control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current corresponding to the work piece thickness to achieve the best welding results.

2,Welding gun testing function to evaluate the using status of welder more completely.

3,Overheating protection

4,Suitable for dent pulling of different kinds of car steels such as conventional steel,stainless steel,etc

5,Various of welding procedures are available such as shrinking,washer,direct-pulling, spot welding, flatten-ing, waveform wire,stud welding, OT washer, triangle washer, etc .

6,Aluminum body welding for different aluminum body and steel body, the body of a variety of materials for repair welding of high strength and no damage on the back of the metal coating and paint surface, weldable 4 mm - 6 mm aluminum nails, steel and stainless steel screw, each screw 4 set of welding parameters is stored, a total of 36 set welding parameters

Specification :

  • Type: SG-M06
  • Input voltage: 1PH220V
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Fusing current: 15A 
  • Rated power: 1.5KVA 
  • Floating voltage: 20-200VDC
  • One side welding thickness: 0.8--3mm 
  • Cable length : 3M 
  • Duty cycle :  60%
  • Dimension (LxWxH):  380x600x980mm
  • Weight :  44.5KG
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