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ET80H300 ปั๊มลมแบบลูกสูบ5แรงถังจุ300ลิตร

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ปั๊มลมแบบลูกสูบ5แรงถังจุ300ลิตร JA-ET80H300

JA-ET80H300 Air Compressor 5 HP tank 300 L.

Feature :

100% free of oil, suitable for medical treatment, foodstuff, chemical, electrical, paint and the other high precision industrial fields.

  • Adoption of new valve plate design to increase the efficiency of air inlet and save energy,
  • Using hermetic crank cass and bearing to achieve the zero pollution.
  • High strength, precision, heat and abrasion resistance bearing is used to prolong the using life.
  • Using special piston ring with best heat and abrasion resistance to guarantee the replacement period to be over 5000 hours.
  • To save the cost of after-treatment of compressed air.

Specification :

  • Power KW/HP : 4/5
  • Discharge colum m2/min : 0.96
  • Tank capacity : 300L
  • working pressure kg/cm2 : 8
  • Bore x No. of cylinder : 80x3
  • MAX. RPM : 950
  • Dimensions LxWxH (cm) : 151x82x109

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