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12V เครื่องเปลี่ยนถ่ายน้ำมันเกียร์อัตโนมัติ XK-20DT(12V)

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เครื่องเปลี่ยนถ่ายน้ำมันเกียร์อัตโนมัติ 12V XK-20DT(12V)


Flow direction automatically controlled and equal amount exchange system.

Oil Cycling flow speed monitor.

Change the oil by the power of gear-box and the exchanger.

Automatically Shift to oil-extracting function after completed oil exchanging.

Effectively protect the gear - box and remove the grease and metal filling.

Assure equal amount exchange.


  • Driving Force: (Electric) DC12V
  • Pressure Gauge: 0-60 PSI
  • Weights: 84 lb / 38Kg
  • Measure: 368*432*1016 mm (14.5*17*40 inch)
  • Scope: Middle, small gasoline motor car & Diesel Vehicle.
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