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6100 ห้องอบสีแบบม่าน ไม่มีฐานห้อง

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ห้องอบสีแบบม่าน ไม่มีฐานห้อง PS6100

Prapare Spreay Booth no basement

Specification :

Outside size (mm) : 7650x4106x2700

Inside size (mm) : 6400x4000x2650

Cabin System : 1. Ceiling: One half is EPS panels; one half is empty hole as inlet air place.

2.Front and side : PVC soft slipping on Aluminum guide by manual.

3.Back wallboard : EPS steel skin panel, 50mm thick.

Circulation System : 1.Inlet fan model : Centrifugal YDW-5.6S; Air capacity:15000m3/h; Pressure 800Pa; Rotate speed:900rpm; Power:5.5KW; Qty:1set

2.Fan cabin:Profile framework, Assembly of steel plate cabin; Construction:Solid, beautiful and easily to maintain.

Purification system : Filtering structure:multi-story fixed under the top network, no corrosion, and can capture granules larger than 5um.

Lighting System : No (Ceiling lights for option:4 group*2 pcs*36W)

Controlling : It is assembled by good electronic components. Main circuit has multi-protection. 

System Working : switch, light switch, emergency Stop, breakdown alarm. .

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