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8300I ห้องอบ-พ่นสีรถยนต์ ระบบอินฟาเรด SOMI

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ห้องอบ-พ่นสีรถยนต์ ระบบอินฟาเรด SOMI รุ่น 8300I

spray Booth Infrared system

Specification :

  • Outside dimension : 7000*5300*3200mm (L*W*H)
  • Inside dimension : 6900*4400*3000mm (L*W*H)
  • Front gate : Aluminum alloy edge, 2900*2500mm (L*W)
  • Working door : EPS panel, 700*1800mm (W*H)
  • Wall panel : 50mm EPS rock wool insulation board, color steel plate thickness 0.45mm
  • Base system : High quality channel steel welding structure, features two rows of 30*4mm grille and 3 rows of diamond plate with surface rust treatment
  • Exhaust system : Inlet: 4kw * 2 sets 10,000-13,000m3/h, YDW fan; outlet: 7.5kw * 1 set 17,500-21,000m3/h, YDW fan
  • Lighting system : LED lamp, 3 pcs * 16w * 8 sets
  • Heating system : Long-wave infrared lamp, triple tube, (1box*3pcs =3kw) 10box 30kw in total
  • Electronic control system : lighting, painting, baking, temperature setting, time setting, temperature alarm, emergency stop
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