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X-431 HD IIIเครื่องวิ เคราะห์เครื่องยนต์ เครื่องสแกนรถยนต์ สำหรับรถบรรทุก LAUNCH



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 เครื่องเครื่องวิเคราะห์เครื่องยนต์ เครื่องสแกนรถยนต์ สำหรับรถบรรทุก LAUNCH รุ่น X-431 HD III

The new LAUNCH heavy duty (X-431 HD III ) module is perfect for a shop that works on heavy duty (Class 4 through 8) and medium trucks, it is can read the vehicle data via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi communication or USB connection. Moreover, this module can work with PADII and PAD III to expand the diagnosis to HD truck vehicle and can diagnose vehicle from 12V to 24V.

X-431 HD III Heavy Duty Module Features

1. Full comprehensive HD truck diagnostic software functions

2. Wide diagnostic software coverage

3. Accurate test data

4. Release new software version timely to let customers enjoy latest service

5. Able to test truck with 12V or 24V battery diesel engine. When testing 24V truck, battery conversion is not required

6. Diagnostic hardware is designed according to international standard, compatible with diagnostic interfaces of worldwide models

7. Including wide-range connector and cable

8. Supported brands: Benz, Man, Volvo, Daf, Scania, Iveco, Renault, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Stering, Western Star, Mack, Fuso, Isuzu, UD, etc.

X-431 HD III Heavy Duty Module Parameters

● Input voltage: 9~36V

● Power: ≤3.0W

● Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

● Communication: USB/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

● Size: 204X110X45mm

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